20 Improv Ideas E-Course

Get Started with Creative Improvising

Introducing the 20 Improv Ideas for Daily Music Practice E-Course.

Do you wish you could improvise?

Improvising isn’t hard. You just have to dare!

You are improvising when you play something you just thought of, without seeing it written down. You can improvise by yourself, by playing a melody you invent as you play. You can improvise with other musicians, with or without an agreed-upon plan.

Practicing for better improvising

As with all things musical, you improve with practice. I’ve created a set of improv suggestions to help you practice improvisation. These “20 Improv Ideas” come to your inbox and will help you get used to playing without printed music.

Get started with creative improvising. This 20-lesson email course brings you a suggestion every other day that you can use during your daily practice.

Spend a few minutes each day, when you do you regular practicing, to improvise. Work on each idea for the next two, or several days. The initial idea becomes your own as you explore your own musical paths.

After you’ve gotten all the lessons, don’t stop improvising! Come back to each idea and explore each one more deeply. Stay with an idea for several days to develop the techniques you discover. Combine ideas, invent your own improv scenarios, practice techniques you want to use, or just play!

At the end of the email series, you can download a PDF E-book with all the lessons in one handy package.

Who is this for?

As I created this set of ideas, I’m imagining you are a classical musician. Classical musicians often feel tied to the printed page and are reluctant to “make up” their own music. The ideas are oriented to the types of things the classical musician practices. But, even if you play in other genres, these improv ideas will provoke your creativity.

These improv ideas introduce you to improvising in a modern style, sometimes using experimental playing techniques. You can experiment as gently or as aggressively as you want. The primary goal is to lead you away from the printed page and toward thinking of musical ideas in the moment.

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Try improv, and have some fun!