Elusive Music – what does it mean? Do you hear music in your head? Does it disappear if you try to sing it or write it down? The perfect expression is often elusive.

With this Elusive Music blog, I try to capture thoughts on the various things that influence my music life. Here’s a list of some of the things I write about here:

  • I use a lot of music technology, so I’ve written about discoveries I’ve made in my software tools
  • I listen to the sounds of birds and frogs and other interesting noises,
  • I like to improvise — for myself, to start the composing process, for an audience, and for a sense of relaxed music making
  • I’ve got projects — composing new pieces, recording concerts and in the studio
  • I work with other musicians on those projects and I am grateful for their collaboration
  • Other events in the music world influence me — things I read, hear, or when I’m playing with others

I named my blog after a piece I wrote for cello and piano. It’s name isĀ  Elusive Sleep and it was originally supposed to be a lullaby. At the time, a lullaby was hard for me to write, so the music is more about the restlessness of mind that keeps me from falling asleep.

Spindrift Music Company publishes my music and you can read a more detailed bio here.

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