Converting an old music score to new Sibelius

I wanted to make a few revisions to an orchestral score I finished in 2004. It was in an early version of Sibelius, and I hoped it would be easy to update. However, when I opened the score in Sibelius 6, it didn’t look good and I feared it would be a lot of work to make it ready to revise. I was wrong — the Magnetic Layout feature made it quick and easy.

So here’s the procedure I used:

  1. Select all.
  2. Set Magnetic Layout to Default (Edit menu). That should have happened with the selections I made when I opened the score, but I wasn’t sure all the symbols were behaving.
  3. Reset Space Above and Space Below Staves to Default (Layout menu).
  4. Reset Position and Design (Layout menu).
  5. Optimize Staff Spacing (also on the Layout menu).

That’s it. The score was basically ready for revisions.

In the past, I did a lot of little mouse movements to put symbols where I wanted them. Magnetic Layout is a great boon for carpal tunnel sufferers and obsessive editing. Along with Optimize Staff Spacing, it’s pretty quick now to get page layout looking good.

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