Finding my way around the social web

Since I’ve realized¬† the music-career necessity of getting plugged in to the social web, I’m discovering the Internet all over again. But how can anyone keep up with it all? So more tools…

I found a neat Firefox browser plugin called “Morning Coffee” — add the sites I want to keep track of on specific days of the week, open the tabs all at once and proceed through them to get caught up. I use Facebook more, see my friends’ posts, network more on LinkedIn, and I’m finally taking a look at Twitter. It feels more efficient, especially since I can then feel finished and move on to writing some music — something I was having a hard time doing.

I don’t really get Twitter yet. If you have any tips on how to get more out of it, please let me know! I did discover some more people/entities to follow just by searching for “classical music.” One was a¬† newspaper, the contemporary classical daily. (It’s a site, another type of platform for content aggregation.) So I added it to Morning Coffee, and I’ll see if it stays interesting.

What about a Sunday morning reading list? Like New Music Box, Sequenza 21, Boston Musical Intelligencer, The Rest Is Noise. What else? That’s a lot of reading!

And I’d like to mention… I’m offering some nice perks in exchange for your donation in support of “Duo and Trio”, composing and recording two new chamber music compositions. Visit Spindrift Commissioning Guild at Rocket Hub and donate now! Thanks!

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