Improv classes and composition lessons

I’ve talked to various teachers who tell me that there’s a lot of attrition in their private teaching studios. Parents have lost jobs or are moving or are just cutting back. So it’s a bad time to launch myself into teaching. But that’s what I’m doing!

I’ll be offering an improv class – Free Improv for Classical Musicians. Free means open structure, rather than more structured jazz improv. Check out these class descriptions at My textbook is “Improvisation Games for Classical Musicians” by Jeffrey Agrell. These classes are for intermediate to advanced students of any instrument or voice, as well as adult musicians who are beyond the beginner level.

Come to an introductory session – free of cost – on September 24, Thursday, 5:30pm. Lexington School of Music, Munroe Center for the Arts, 1403 Mass Ave., Lexington, MA.

Contact me to register for the open improv session or the class, or to sign up for composition lessons – contact info.

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  1. Pam – I'm delighted at all your workshops. Let me know some time how it's going. I'm enjoying my semester course in improv this fall, got a good bunch. Will have a new book out after the first of the year, Improv Games for One (classical musician), GIA. Almost have enough new games collected for a Vol. 2 of the Improv Games book, if the publisher will ever go for that….

    Best regards,


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