Listening: Ran, Jolas, Tower, Chen Yi

A whole disc of solo clarinet seems like a lot of just oneĀ flavor, but I found the pieces varied and delightful. I was drawn to it because I was looking for music by Betsy Jolas, with whom I studied a long time ago at Yale. I don’t hear her music programmed or talked about much around Boston and I wanted to hear what she’s been doing, since 1980.

Clarinetist Amanda McCandless is the soloist.

I’ve listened to:

Best Jolas: Episode No. 9 “Forte magnum coloratum”

Shulamit Ran: 3 Scenes

Joan Tower: Wings

Chen Yi: Monologue (Impresion on the True Story Ah Q)

I listened to the music of the composers whose names I recognized. There’s more to discover on this disc.

Mark Records, Catalog No 9773-MCD, released in 2012. I listened via Naxos Music Library.

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