Rapido Day 1 – The Contest

I’m doing the Rapido composition contest again. The composing period started on Monday.

In the the last iteration of the contest, in 2012, I wrote my Dance of the Hoodoos, for oboe, violin, cello and piano. It has had several performances and found a place on my newly released album Through the Mist. So even though I didn’t win or become a finalist, the effort was creatively productive and rewarding.

I generally don’t approve of organizations charging composers, or other artists, fees for their creative work, for example submission fees for contests, but especially for the privilege of creating new work. Isn’t commission money supposed to go to the creator? However, even though Rapido charges a fee ($40 this time — higher than last time 🙁 ), I think the challenge of creating a new piece in two weeks is fun! So I’m doing it again.  I need it right now; it’s a reason to focus on writing some music. Other cares and responsibilities have filled my time, seemingly endlessly, so I’ll sign up for this artificial commitment.

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