After the concert

The concert for The Future of Life went beautifully. The chorus sounded great, the trombonist was superb. The rest of the program sounded fine too. I was moved by the text and I was pleased with the way the music, the sung and spoken words, and trombone declarations came together. Audience members, who were moved by the music’s message, spoke to me about it. I basked in remembering the sounds for several days.

I wondered if I could keep up writing this blog once the excitement of the performance was over. The marketing work has taken over and it is less inspiring, or at least it’s a more uncertain process. Who will be interested in performing the music? I’ve edited the score and the rehearsal audio and it’s available on my web page for any and all to check out. I’ve begun the process of contacting whoever I can think of who might be interested.

Even issues such as pricing the vocal score feel complex. It costs more to produce an 80-page book than most of my chamber music scores, but the chorus needs 30 to 60 copies, so I want to price it affordably. I’ve thought about contacting a choral music publisher, but I’m a do-it-yourself kind of person. I’d rather not have to beg them for scores, for publicity, for discounts for choruses that would perform the music but can’t afford to buy it. I may be way off base and just don’t know what sorts of things a publisher will do for the music as a usual business practice.

So now I’ve got do some of these business things before I immerse myself in the next volume of Body and Soul songs. That concert is coming up February 29.

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