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Spindrift Music Company publishes music by Pamela J. Marshall. Contemporary classical music, with experimental techniques and improv mixed in.

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Bits of news

Just published: Sanderlings for unaccompanied tuba, in time for the premiere by Stephanie Magera at Eastman (March 2024) — livestream link for March 31 2024

Partners, three SATB choral pieces, available individually, with texts by Sarah Getty: Troupers, Cleaning the Storm Windows, That Woman, published (August 2023)

Future plans: I hope to have an option for printed music, especially large scores and sets of parts, from my new location in Portugal. In the meantime, please contact me for pricing and ordering.

Wanderer for brass quintet is re-published with better page turns in the parts. (January 2022)

Rising in versions for viola and cello are re-published and available for download in the store. The changes are the titles of the movements — inspired by Maya Angelou’s poem “Still I Rise”, but not direct quotes. (January 2022)

Refugees for SATB chorus has been published and is available in the store.

Angel Music for violin and piano, published in November 2021 — three movements of folk-inspired beauty.

Birding in Winter and Bee-Song are part of the Project:Encore catalog, which promotes follow-on performances of new music accepted by their review panel. I’m very pleased to join their roster of choral composers.

Thank you for your interest in this music, and for your purchases and performances.