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Pamela Marshall photo Spindrift Music Company publishes the music of Pamela J. Marshall and promotes the performance and appreciation of contemporary classical music. You can purchase downloadable PDF scores and parts for various chamber music ensembles and download free watermarked perusal scores.

Note If you are interested orchestral scores and parts, please contact me. I am working on a new way of providing them.

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Curious about the name Spindrift? Original Spindrift logo of crashing wave
          It's the frothy spray from a breaking wave. It's also a common name for Bed & Breakfast places on the California coast. There's also Spindrift fruit-flavored sparkling water in Massachusetts.

Music Information Services

  Improvisation resources   Getting started with free-style improv

  Music Thesaurus  A reference that groups music terms in several languages according to their English meaning. It's in the Music Reference section.

  Horn players, read about improvisation and learn about new horn music.

Commissioning a New Work

Commissioning  If you are interested in commissioning music in honor of a special person, for a special occasion, because you are a lover of culture, or you are a musician who plays the newest music, I can help. I can create original music or arrangements for any ensemble and any difficulty level, according to your desires. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Join a commissioning consortium  The Spindrift Commissioning Guild is made up of people like you! A group of people pool their money and become a sponsor of one of my composing projects. Each person pays a small share of the commission and receives a recording or the music score. Sponsors are acknowledged in concert programs or printed music. Learn more about Guild projects and find out how to co-sponsor a project.   
Note There are no current projects now (2023). Read about the Spindrift Commissioning Guild and past projects.


If you are interested in licensing music in this catalog for a recording, film or other use, please contact me (see below). If you are performing music from my catalog where tickets are required or performers are paid, please contact BMI about a performance license.

Contact Us

Email me with your comments, suggestions, commission requests, and music questions:

  • info {at} spindrift (dot) com
  • Leave me a message at (+1) seven eight one - eight six two - zero eight eight four
    (numbers spelled out to try to reduce spam calls!)

Tell us about your performances
If you are playing my music on your recital or concert, send me the details and I'll announce it via the website, Facebook, and/or email.

New location  
As of 2023, I am located in Portugal. The Dexter Road address in Massachusetts is obsolete. There are a lot of downloadable PDF scores to update!


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