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Ravello Records

Through the Mist

CD cover, Through the Mist on Ravello Records

Six of my chamber works for winds and strings: Communing with Birds, Dance of the Hoodoos, Examinate Variations, Zoa, Waves and Fountains, and Through the Mist

Available from Spindrift, Naxos, iTunes, and more: links for purchasing on Ravello website

Through the Mist on Spotify

Read my online booklet about the CD and the music

Spindrift Releases on Bandcamp


Album cover

Electroacoustic tracks transforming virtual orchestra sounds into mysterious and resonant soundscapes.

Available from Bandcamp (downloads).

Play Book

CD cover

Piano pieces for the students at the Pacem piano studio. 31 tracks of compositions for each student, and compositions by the students.

Available from Spindrift (CD), Bandcamp (downloads). More about Play Book.

Nachursona recordings on Bandcamp

Costa Rica Soundscape

CD cover, Costa Rica Soundscape

Birds and other sounds from rural areas of Costa Rica. Peaceful sounds, in a day's arc -- dawn to night to dawn again. Beloved by my massage therapist and her clients.

Nachursona Volume 1   Available from Spindrift (CD), Bandcamp (downloads)

Frogs and Mockingbirds and Alligators, oh my!

Sounds of South Florida in spring, especially wild frogs after rain.
Listen to alligators roar!

Nachursona Volume 2   Available from Spindrift (CD), Bandcamp (downloads)

Various labels

Just In Time Now and Then

CD cover

Living Artist Recordings releases a Just In Time reunion CD, featuring solo piano and chamber music by members of the Just In Time composer's collaborative, including Marshall's Elusive Sleep.

Listen to Elusive Sleep streamed from SoundClick.

Available from Spindrift, CDBaby, Amazon

Vortex Live

CD cover

The best of the Vortex Series for New and Experimental Music concert series from 2007-2010. Spontaneous improvisations. Pamela performs on horn and did the mastering and graphic design.

Available from Spindrift, CDBaby, Amazon


CD cover

Beauport Classical recording releases a CD that includes Marshall's Summer Into Winter for clarinet.

Available from Spindrift, Beauport Classical, CDBaby, Amazon

Noises, Sounds & Strange Airs

CD Cover of Noises, Sounds and Strange Airs

Music by Ewazen, Heinick, Marshall, and Snow. Includes Marshall's Sky's Mirror, Soliloquy, and Child's Play.

Available from Spindrift


CD cover

Enigmatica and music director Marilynn Mair recorded Blue-Gold Variations from Marshall's Loosely Blue on their debut CD. Read Pam's comments about it about it.

Available from, Uncommon Strings on Amazon

Mandolin X 4

CD cover

Neil Gladd performs Marshall's Mandolin Night. CD features four virtuoso mandolinists in various styles (classical, new acoustic, bluegrass, ethnic).

No longer available. Read about the CD.

Holidays for the New Era Vol.1

CD cover

ERMMedia releases holiday music, recorded by Chamber Choir KYIV and Kiev Philharmonic. Includes Marshall's Windshine for chorus & cello.

Available from Spindrift, Amazon