Spindrift Recording Service

bullet Concert recordings and demo recordings in and around Lexington, Massachusetts

bullet Specializing in classical chamber music

At Spindrift, Pam has worked with many local musicians to record their concerts. You can make a recording with us. Or, we can put together a whole package: an album with multiple tracks, mastering, graphic design, online promotion.

If you are ready to record, we can make it happen. You'll get great sounding mics, high-quality digital sound, and seamless audio editing.

Call Pam at 781-862-0884 to book your date.

Clients and Testimonials

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The prices below are general guides. Let me know what you need; I'll offer you a proposal.

Concert recordings ...

Short concert recording (approx 1 hour) $160
Long concert recording (concert with intermission, approx 2 hours)  $240

A soundcheck 1/2 hour before your concert delivers best results.

On-location recording sessions ...

You choose and book the location. I'll bring the gear.

3-hour session (includes setup)  $240; additional time at $90/hour

Editing ...

In my studio I transfer the recording to the computer. Then I edit into tracks, remove pauses, and remove applause if desired. If applause overlaps the music, you can let me know how to handle it.

bullet Editing concert recordings  $50-$150
(typically 2 to 4 tracks for $50; 20 or more tracks for $150. Mixing multiple mics add a bit to the cost too.)

bullet Editing recording sessions  $80/hour
(includes mixing multiple mics, finding the best takes, splicing in repairs.)

Audio files will be available for download on a private section of spindrift.com. Online delivery includes both WAV and MP3 files, trimmed to each piece on your concert. If you want the large, unedited WAV files, too, just let me know.
You can request CD masters of your project too, at $5 per disc.

Audio restoration ...

Do you have a recording that has too much background noise? Are there thumps, click, and pops that spoil the music?

It depends on the noise, but we may be able to help. With the aid of Izotope RX, I've cleaned up many problem recordings. Depending on the recording, the result may be a small improvement, or a really big deal. A caveat: It can be a time-consuming process.

bullet Initial evaluation  Free
bullet More extensive evaluation  $30
bullet Audio editing $80/hour

Equipment ...

SoundDevices 744T HardDisk Recorder
Rode NT5 microphone pair
Also available: Rode NT4 stereo mic, Earthworks omni mic pair, AKG C1000S mic pair

Travel ...

For locations outside a 30-minute radius from Lexington, MA, I may add a travel charge.

Summary of costs

Price range for a short concert recording and editing
   $210-$360 (plus shipping, travel, MA sales tax, if applicable)

Price for a short concert recording, no editing
   $160 (plus shipping, travel, MA sales tax, if applicable)

Price range for a full-length concert recording and editing
  bullet $290-$390 (plus shipping, travel, MA sales tax, if applicable)

Price for a 3-hour recording session, no editing
   $240 (plus shipping, travel, MA sales tax, if applicable)

CD copies $5, plus shipping & MA sales tax, if applicable
Shipping approx $4 for up to three CDs.
Online delivery of audio files is free.

Call to Schedule

Call me, Pam Marshall, at 781-862-0884 or contact me via the online contact form to ask questions or schedule your concert or recording session.