Inspiring Myself for Conservation

I am excited about this new choral piece The Future of Life. I always am before the premiere. But the theme, biodiversity, is particularly resonant in the real world.

Since I wrote it, I’ve felt a bit obsessive about wanting to be better about conservation and energy efficiency. There’s a lot going on in my town, promoted by the Global Warming Action Coalition, particularly the Low-Carbon Diet project. We already do a lot of little things – recycle, cloth grocery bags, organic food, new refridgerator, lots of compact flourescent light bulbs. I try to use the clothes dryer for only one load a week and hanging the knits on the bathroom rod. I should install a clothesline. The next big thing is fixing our leaky back cellar door. I’m getting quotes for that now. Check out the Stop Global Warming page.

According to the Low-Carbon Diet book, the biggest thing I could do is to buy renewable energy, instead of the standard offer, from the electric company. NStar claims they will offer that option in January 2008.

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