Snow Geese Arriving in Vermont

We thought about going to Vermont this weekend to Dead Creek Wildlife Management Area near Middlebury. The snow geese are starting to arrive. There are about 3000 there now, the ranger said on the phone this morning, and they were very camera-friendly, staying near the fence, instead of way back in the marsh.

Last year we saw about that many snow geese at dawn, rising up with all their glorious honking. I recorded a snippet, but I would have liked to have another go at it this year. But this weekend I continued to have this dreary cold. We wished to see closer to the 10,000 or 15,000 geese they sometimes have. I hope there are still that many snow geese around to make that spectacular gathering.

I also wonder, knowing I should be in perpetual energy-conservation mode, whether we should drive up to Vermont for an overnight trip. But it’s not enough to just know the birds are out there. I really want to see them!

And this is Blog Action Day…are you writing, or talking, or thinking about the environment too?

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