Vortex, IAWM, Yellowstone

It’s been way too long since I wrote in my blog. A lot went on over the summer, including a Vortex Other Dimension improv workshop and concert back in July, organized by fabulous clarinetist Todd Brunel, founder of the Vortex concert series. Now I’m on the organizing committee for the next season of Vortex concerts. We present improvisation, modern and experimental music concerts and we’re expanding to several new venues around Boston.

My husband and I traveled to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone in October, and we’ve got a huge collection of photos for creating our next photography show. In August we did a New England collection and are now showing New England and Italy images at 51 Walden in Concord, MA.

The original reason for the Yellowstone trip was so I could attend the annual board meeting of the International Alliance of Women in Music. IAWM has been around a long time and promotes women composers and performers, raising awareness of discrimination in employment and programming. It has gathered resources for musicians, presenters, and teachers who want to fill in the historical gaps in the standard music histories.

So part of my contribution is to host one of several repeats of the IAWM Annual concert. On December 3, Art Without Borders will present a Massachusetts rendition of the program that was orginally presented in France in October. They had 28 loudspeakers and lighting highlighting the statues and art in the museum concert space. At the Democracy Center in Cambridge, we’ll had a stereo version of the concert.

The program is:

Waterland (1990/2010) by Veronika Krausas, Canada with video
Ombrarchetto (2003) by Magdalena Dlugosz, Poland
Emergent (2009) by Carrie Leigh Page, USA
Mouthpiece (2005) by Judith Ring, Ireland
Pigeon Heart (2005) by Bernard Marie-Hélène, France
Reminiscence R2 (2010) by Ida Helene Heidel, Norway

Come on December 3, hear some fascinating music, and find out more about IAWM.

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