Naxos Music Library via IMSLP

If you become a subscribing member to IMSLP Petrucci Music Library for only $22, you get access to Naxos Music Library, a wonderfully comprehensive collection of classical-music recordings, from most of the standard record labels.

I subscribed as a regular Naxos member for several years for $150/year and I thought it was well worth it. (2018 update: standard streaming is now $210.) Any classical piece that I need to review — for an upcoming performance, research, composer inspiration — I can usually find. If I want to discover new music, there are a lot of labels, like Innova and Ravello, in their collection too.

Right now I’m on a quest to hear more of the music of my fellow women composers, mostly music that I’m not finding on concert programs. I’m going to post the titles as I go. They won’t all be from Naxos Music Library, but for now that’s where I’m finding most of the women who have become well-known and occasionally programmed on mainstream concerts.

Go to the Listening category to find the latest.

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