Revamped Spindrift Music Store

I’ve wanted to have automated download of PDF files when you buy sheet music for a long time. For years, I’ve had a simple Paypal shopping cart, and I sent the PDF files via email. Now, I’m finally able to offer a new level of customer service via a Woocommerce, WordPress-based store.

Spindrift Music Store‘s new features:

  • PDF downloads available immediately after purchase
  • Big, obvious button for previewing scores
  • Coupons! There’s a coupon right now for amateur orchestras when they rent orchestra parts
  • Images of title pages and selected pages from scores
  • Reviews – if you’ve performed or downloaded a piece, leave a comment!
  • Clearer options for choral versions and “permission to print for your chorus”
  • A tag cloud of instrument names for finding pieces
  • Categories for instrument or ensemble type, and themed collections

My music catalog pages for Sheet Music and CDs on the main Spindrift site have links to titles in the store. I’ve transferred most of the notes, background information, and listening links from the old pages.

Try it out!

Click a title on the catalog pages. Or, start at the Spindrift Music Store home page and use the categories and tags to find music. If you’ve played a piece, leave a comment. Let me know what you think.

Printed sheet music

The store no longer has options for printed music, except for orchestra parts. Some of the old pages had too many confusing versions and options, and that was one way to simplify. Besides, it’s easier for me to stock less music in my crowded stockroom (aka my closet). However, if you want to buy printed scores, please contact me for prices and delivery times.

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