Lexington Symphony Chamber Players May 2013

Lexington Symphony Chamber Players played Through the Mist for flute, violin, and harp in Acton, MA May 2013. Performers were Danielle Boudrot, flute; Elizabeth Whitfield, violin; Barbara Poeschl-Edrich, harp. Composer Pam Marshall spoke about the music and read a poem before they played each movement.

The poems for each movement were:

  1. Ashuelot Sunrise - Allegretto >Poem: "Gradual Clearing" by Amy Clampett

  2. Rocky Shore - Andante arpeggiato >Poem: "The Lake Isle of Innisfre"e by William Butler Yeats

  3. Nocturne - Andante sonore >Reading: Excerpt from Walden by Henry David Thoreau: from paragraphs 2-4 of "The Ponds"

The church is St. Matthew United Methodist on Central Street.

Through the Mist is the title piece on Pamela's chamber music CD Through the Mist from Ravello Records.



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