Esprit de Cor in June 2006

Esprit de Cor performed Black Bear Dance on June 2, 2006 in Lexington, MA. Photos by Pamela Marshall, except for the first taken by Mary Neumann.

Esprit de Cor performers are Annalisa Peterson, Sandra O'Connor, Pamela Marshall, Erik Svenson, our director (front row) and Alan Ventura, Nan Foley, Joseph Smith, Pat Lake, Jeanne Paella, and conductor David Archibald (back row).

Esprit de Cor after-concert portrait

Drummers Charlie Bowen and Mary Neumann joined the Esprit de Cor horn players for Black Bear Dance.

Drummers for Black Bear Dance

Esprit de Cor members Alan Ventura and Annalisa Peterson (left).

Alan Ventura and Annalisa Peterson

Nan Foley seated, and Jeanne Paella (right).

Jeanne Paella and Nan Foley (seated)

The group awaits the noon hour in the church parlor.

Before the concert


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