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composers Louise Farrenc & Pamela Marshall

Composers Louise Farrenc & Pamela Marshall

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Concert in Lexington, MA

March 12, 2010 - New England premiere of "Quinteto sobre los Poemas de Carlos Pintado" by Pamela Marshall and Piano Quintet No. 2 by Louise Farrenc

Preview concert March 7 - see below

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Origin of Quinteto

"Quinteto sobre los Poemas de Carlos Pintado" is a 30-minute piece for violin, viola, cello, double bass, and piano. It was commissioned by South Beach Chamber Ensemble in Miami in 2008 and they played several performances in May and August 2009, in Miami and Wausau, Wisconsin.


The Quinteto is a large and dramatic piece. Each of the four movements is informed by the imagery and emotions of four poems by Cuban poet Carlos Pintado. After South Beach director Michael Andrews met Carlos in Miami, they both sent me many samples and I selected the four poems. It was hard to choose! The performance concept is to read each poem before its music was performed, setting the mood for reflection on both the words and the music. They can be read in Spanish or English. There are a lot of ties between the words and music. Some of the musical motives are settings, as if sung, of the words, particularly in the third movement “Yo no te nombro musa”. Other connections reflect the imagery, such as the strummed piano imitating zithers in the first movement “Las noches en Mortefontaine”.

MP3 of score
Listen to the first movement of Quinteto
"Nights in Mortefontaine". You'll find
the other movements there too.

About the concert

Over the years, I've presented lots of concerts of my compositions in my home town of Lexington, Massachusetts. I'm particularly enthusiastic to have a performance of Quinteto in my own backyard. It represents my best work and audiences so far have really enjoyed the music and its relationship to the poetry. I'm proud of it and want everyone to hear it!

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This program is supported in part by a grant from the Lexington Council for the Arts, a local agency which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.

Thank you, Lexington Council for the Arts!

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Concert details finalized for March 12, 2010

The Quinteto premiere concert is:
Friday March 12, 2010  8pm
Follen Community Church, 755 Mass Ave, Lexington, MA
Tickets are $15, students/children free


  • Piano Quintet No. 2 in E major by Louise Farrenc (mid-1800's Romantic era)
  • Quinteto sobre los Poemas de Carlos Pintado by Pamela J. Marshall

Performers - I've got a fantastic lineup of performers for the concert:

  • Carmen Rodriguez-Peralta, piano - Chair of the Music Dept at Middlesex Community College
  • Abigail Karr, violin - member of the Arcturus Ensemble
  • Sarah Darling, viola - director of the Arcturus Ensemble
  • Rafael Popper-Keizer, cello - member of Chameleon Arts Ensemble and popular Boston freelancer
  • Susan Hagen, doublebass - Gordon College faculty and another popular Boston freelancer

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Preview concert at Middlesex Community College

March 7, 2010 7:30pm - Hear excerpts of the Quinteto and Farrenc Piano Quintet

Middlesex Community College, MCC Concert Hall, Bedford Campus
591 Springs Road, Bedford, MA 01730

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Concert date: March 12, 2010

Target amount: Up to $3000

I've budgeted up to $3500 for concert expenses, although there are ways to conserve, by paying lower fees to performers and renting a less expensive hall. Income will come from ticket sales and, possibly, program ads. I've also applied for a Local Cultural Council grant.

I'm reserving Follen Church in Lexington, Massachusetts for Friday evening March 12, 2010. Even if you can't be a Guild sponsor, save the date and come to hear the music. Tickets will be $15 each, with senior discounts and free student tickets.

All this planning is still in process. I'll add more details as they get set.

Benefits for Guild sponsors

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  • Barbara Marden
  • Evelyn Marshall

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Fractured Atlas Learn more about their support for artists, including fiscal sponsorship for hundreds of artists’ projects

South Beach Chamber Ensemble Their concert series in Miami is called Music in Beautiful Spaces

Quinteto music - Coming soon I'm working on the score now, so I can publish it on Spindrift



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