Ordering Music from Spindrift Music Company

You can order printed sheet music, delivered to you via US mail, or Acrobat PDF files, delivered via email. To pay for your order, you can send an order form with your check or use the PayPal buttons on the music description pages.

For scores that are available in PDF format, you can download a preview version and look it over, but you can't print it. You can buy a print-enabled version that includes the score and all parts for approximately 40% less than the printed sheet music. The score is delivered to you via email.

Audio -- CDs and MP3 downloads are sold separately on the Spindrift Bandcamp page.

Ordering via PayPal

Individual pages in the catalog include PayPal buttons for ordering the printed music or a PDF file that you print yourself. PayPal is a payment service that makes online transactions easy. When you click our PayPal button, you see an online shopping cart that lists your music selections. When you decide to complete your order, you'll see a total with shipping charges for US mail. For rush shipping, contact us directly.

It's easy to use your credit card with Paypal. They don't require you to sign up for an account. Read more about it at the PayPal site.

Sending an order

You can fill out our order form or just snail-mail the following information:

  1. Name, shipping address, phone, and email address (required if ordering PDF files)
  2. Title of music, instrumentation, and price
  3. Quantity of each title
  4. A check or money order in US funds with tax and shipping

Your total cost will be:

Mail it to:

Little details

Orders are shipped within 48 hours when possible. If there is a delay, we will do our best to let you know. Occasionally, there's a week's delay if we're away on other business and we aren't able to be in touch.

If you need the music ASAP for a performance, specify EXPRESS SHIPPING and add an estimated amount for the extra cost or have us bill you the difference. If you overestimate, we will send you a refund after we ship your order.

For more information, contact us today!