Meet the Musicians – Rachel Arnold Barringer

I met Rachel Arnold (update: now Barringer) and Ashley Addington a year ago at a big Vortex concert in Cambridge, MA. They played a dynamic performance of Elliott Carter’s ‘Enchanted Preludes’. They’ve played lots of new music, including music by Guild member and composer Charles Turner. They play a premiere every time I see them.

Last May, Rachel played a beautiful performance of my solo cello piece Soliloquy at an Advent Church Library concert, curated by Matt Samolis (also a Guild member supporting my collaboration with Rachel and Ashley). We had a musically expressive and lovely rehearsal in my living room. I was frustrated to miss the concert, but a family emergency kept me away.

Rachel is also an amazing yoga person and instructor. She’s got some elegant photos on her web site combining cello and yoga — so much more flexible than I am! Check out You’ll also find her concert calendar there.

I love Rachel’s little sculptures and jewelry that she makes out of polymer clay and other materials. She’s a whimsical and clever artist with many colorful and funny creations. Last year, she sold her work on Etsy as a fundraiser for Haiti. Read more about it on her blog

Thank you, Rachel, for being a participant in my music-writing for 2012!

Donate to Spindrift Commissioning Guild 2012 on RocketHub to support our collaboration. Today, January 6, there are 22 days left.
Thank you, all!

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