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Lots of demos

These recordings are from concerts, recording sessions and virtual-instrument mockups that I've created. There are categories based on instrumental ensemble.

These demos will give you an idea of what a piece sounds like, but they aren't necessarily ready for a CD release. There's a variety of recording qualities. Most are live concerts. Some have too much hall reverb from a distant mic, and others are amateur ensembles that are enthusiastic but not rhythmically tight. Some of my virtual-instrument mockups sound more realistic than others.

To view scores and purchase, click a title. Some of the sheet music pages have more demo listening.

Hosted at Spindrift
Most of my demos are hosted at Spindrift. You can stream them using the HTML5 players on these pages.

Hosted Offsite
On various whims, I've uploaded tracks to other music sites. The Listening Menu has links to music I've hosted at ReverbNation, Bandcamp, and SoundClick. You can play music right from the widget, or click through to those sites to hear and read more.

Ravello Records

Album cover for Through the Mist on Ravello Records Find out about my chamber music CD "Through the Mist" on Ravello.

What is a Virtual-Instrument Mockup?

MIDI provides a method for demoing a piece before a composer gets a good live performance with real instruments. However, without a lots of tweaking and without good instrument sounds on the computer, the result can sound stiff and unnatural, even offensive to musicians who know how expressive their instruments can be.

So, a virtual-instrument mockup is an enhanced MIDI rendition of a piece of music. For each mockup, I start with a MIDI file from the computer-notated score. In my audio-processing software, Digital Performer, I assign instruments from high-end libraries of sounds to each track. Then by hand, I go through the music and do extensive tweaking by hand of dynamics, tempo, rhythm and articulation to create a sense of expressive nuance. Depending on the sounds themselves, I get closer to a natural-sounding recording. The result is an mp3 file that makes a presentable demo.