Music by Pamela J. Marshall


selected performances

Dec 7 2003 The Concord Orchestra did not play Traditional Christmas as scheduled because of a 2-foot snowstorm. Look for this arrangement of seven familiar American, English and French carols for orchestra and optional 2-part chorus next year.

Nov 2003 Luis Leguía and Carmen Rodriguez-Peralta performed the premiere of Elusive Sleep for cello and piano on a Just In Time concert and a World of Music concert at Middlesex Community College. Mr. Leguía played his Luis & Clark carbon-fiber cello before a full house and received a standing ovation and we received many compliments for Elusive Sleep.

Sep 2003 Colored Leaves for solo horn was selected as a contest piece by the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival.

June 2003 Esprit de Cor played several 4-part fanfares from the set Tristan's Hall (not yet published). There will be versions for 4 horns and for 2 trumpets and 2 trombones.

June 2003 Horn player Lydia Busler-Blais plays Colored Leaves in Montpelier and Colchester, Vermont.

May 2003 The composer performed Daydream and Wordless Prayer for students of Carroll Ann Bottino in Lexington. Adult students in other local studios selected Daydream for recitals.

Apr 2003 Just In Time presents Through the Mist in the trio version for flute, violin & guitar.

Feb 2003 The Arden String Quartet played the premiere of Truth Becoming in a Just In Time concert. This new string quartet was inspired by May Swenson's poem The Process. (Not yet published - ask about this music.)


selected performances

Dec 2002 Three Appalachian Carols is played on the Chapel Arts Series at the Waupaca Performing Arts Center in Waupaca, WI.

Nov 2002 Just In Time & student guest performers played the premiere of two movements from Triptoe Suite, new music for violin students in a modal style. Also on the program was Daydream for piano.

May 2002 Samuel McCauley won the Junior Division prize for best performance of the commissioned work, Daydream by Pamela J. Marshall, and peformed it on the Renee B. Fisher Competition winner's concert in Westport, Connecticut.

May 2002 The Lifting the Veil festival in San Francisco performed Cornwall Hunt and Isolde's Garden for horn quartet and raised money to help women in Afghanistan.


Nov 2001 Just In Time performed new sections of the opera Melete's Quest.

Jun 2001 Esprit de Cor played a new arrangement of Also Sprach Zarathustra for 8 horns in Lexington, MA.

Just In Time Composers presented Remember the Old Songs in Oct 2000, Wanderer in Jan 2001, and Suite in April 2001.

Nov 2000 Middlesex Community College Crafts Fair concert series presented the Axiom Duo playing Pascal's Theorems and Karen Sauer playing Suite on the harpsichord.

2/2000 Just In Time Composers presented Traveling to Magic, a dance interlude from Melete's Quest, opera-in-progress.


11/99 Women's Philharmonic symposium in NYC included a reading session of Through the Mist.

10/99 Just In Time Composers and Players presented From the Rainforest in a version for three horns with recorded frogs and birds. The recordings were made by the composer on a trip to Costa Rica.

9/99 Horns A'Plenty on the Lexington Summer Series playedthe 6-horn version of From the Rainforest.

4/99 Just In Time Composers and Players played excerpts from Melete's Quest, an opera in the works. Valerie Anastasio sang Melete and Elizabeth Borg sang the Advisor and Castilia. Karen Sauer played piano.

3/99 Composers in Red Sneakers. Second performance of not-yet-published Resonances.

2/99 Just In Time Composers and Players. Premiere of Resonances for trumpet, alto sax, 2 trombones, and percussion.


1998 Neil Gladd recorded Mandolin Night by Pamela Marshall on a Plucked String recording. Mandolin Night is available from Plucked String in the collection Three Centuries of Solo Mandolin Music, edited by Neil.

12/98 The Billings (Montana) Symphony played Three Appalachian Carols. Uri Barnea conducting.

11/98 Trumpeter Nat Paella played the premiere of Jazz-Inflected Etudes on a Just In Time Composers and Players concert in Cambridge, MA.

6/98 The Axiom Duo played Pascal's Theorems at King's Chapel in downtown Boston, MA.

5/98 At the Just In Time Composers and Players concert in Brookline, MA, Lisa Hennessy and other ensemble members played the premiere of not-yet-published Elements for flute, clarinet, bassoon, violin, and viola. The Axiom Duo played Pascal's Theorems on the same concert.


12/97 The Louisiana Symphony played Three Appalachian Carols, Tim Muffitt conducting.

9/97 Trio Arundel premiered Waves and Fountains in Newark, Delaware. Members of the ensemble are Timothy Clinch, oboe; Cynthia Carr, horn; and Julie Nishimura, piano. Waves and Fountains is not yet published.

6/97 The massed horn choir at the International Horn Society annual workshop played the horn quartets Isolde's Garden and Cornwall Hunt. The sounds of approximately 60 horn players reverberated beautifully in Eastman Theater in Rochester, New York.

3/97 The Axiom Duo (Emmanuel Feldman, cello and Pascale Delache-Feldman, doublebass) played Pascal's Theorems at Tufts University during Women in Music week.