Imagine That Time Stops

by Pamela J. Marshall

for piano

Duration ~4 min.


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Imagine That Time Stops is intermediate-level music for piano. The music is angular, with widely separated voices and slow irregular motion. The sense is one of timelessness and limitless possibilities. The left hand plays rich low notes against a very high right-hand part. A more active section with bird-call gestures returns twice. The performer must keep a fast tempo going in his/her head, so that the irregular syncopated changes of the long notes are accurate.

Level: Intermediate

Duration: ~4-6 minutes, with a lot of freedom, 4 pages


Listen to the composer performing Imagine That Time Stops. There are two versions. The composer played it at the normal tempo. Then, feeling whimsical, she played it twice as fast.

Original meditative tempo

Fast version


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