by Pamela J. Marshall

for organ


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Meditations is contemporary music for organ. The music is chromatic, atonal, and mostly gentle. Individual movements are suitable for a contemplative moment in a service. All or a selection of movements would work on a recital program. It is moderately difficult, for an advanced player.

The movements and their approximate durations are:

I. Veiled Moon 4:00
II. The Diligence of Ants 2:50
III. Twilight 3:15
IV. Snow on the Wind 3:15
V. Grand Complexity of Trees 4:15

Composer’s note:

“Each of these Meditations is inspired by some natural phenomenon that fascinates me.
The music reflects the character of the natural event or creature or thing named in the title, and the feelings it evokes in me. The Meditations may be played individually or in any combination.”

Meditations was the inaugural project of the Spindrift Commissioning Guild in 2005. I wrote the piece for organist and composer Carson P. Cooman and it is dedicated to him. Carson edited Meditations, including the registration suggestions.