Weaving the World

by Pamela J. Marshall

for SATB, oboe, piano, 2 or 3 percussion

Duration 15 minutes


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The theme of Weaving the World is the contrast between the natural places where our soul finds refuge and peace, and the knowledge of a far-away war and its consequences. The music is joyful, spirited, at times prayerful. Sometimes, it reflects the lively soundscape of a swamp. The celebration of nature’s beauty contrasts with the distant drumbeat of war.

The text by Janisse Ray juxtaposes images about being in the heart of a southern swamp (Okeefenokee, one of her favorite locations), a peaceful and safe refuge, where:

“every night the spiders weave the world back together… Each new-made web shines gossamer in the new sun”

These verses are juxtaposed with words about the mental anguish of war:

“Somewhere/Someone is planning to kill/Someone has been killed/ Someone grieves/Someone hides in fear”

The text ends with optimism and hope: the forces that draw us together are stronger than the forces that pull us apart. It is a spiritual text, but not of a particular religion.

The choral parts are challenging for amateur choirs. It is often tonal with complex harmonies anchored in tonal centers. The melodies are flowing and lyrical and very singable.

A small instrumental ensemble accompanies the chorus: piano, oboe and 2 to 3 percussionists.

The vocal score is 34 pages, not including front matter.


Listen to the premiere performance, streaming hosted at SoundClick:

SoundClick streaming: First half of Weaving the World
SoundClick streaming: Second half of Weaving the World

More about Weaving the World

Read the text by Janisse Ray

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