Chamber music for winds and strings by Pamela J. Marshall
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Through the Mist:
1   I. Ashuelot Sunrise  4:36
2   II. Rocky Shore  4:06
3   III. Nocturne  4:43

4 Communing with Birds  4:34

5  Zoa  11:35

Dance of the Hoodoos:
6   Andante, hesitating  2:48
7   Allegro vigoroso  2:47

Examinate Variations:
8  1. Theme  1:23
9  2. Canon  0:46
10  3. Upside Down  2:46
11  4. Sostenuto  4:12
12  5. Will o’the Wisp  1:00
13  6. Static  3:05
14  7. Slinky  2:24

15   Waves and Fountains  8:36


Through the Mist and Dance of the Hoodoos
Lexington Symphony Chamber Players:
Danielle Boudrot, flute; Elizabeth Whitfield, violin; Barbara Poeschl-Edrich, harp; Audrey Markowitz, oboe; Jane Sheena, cello; Paul Carlson, piano

Communing with Birds
Susan Jackson, flute

Duo “2”:
Peter H. Bloom, flutes; Mary Jane Rupert, harp

Examinate Variations
Addington-Barringer Duo:
Ashley Addington, flute; Rachel Barringer, cello

Waves and Fountains
Jennifer Slowik, oboe; Kevin Owen, horn; Karolina Rojahn, piano

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