Chamber music for winds and strings by Pamela J. Marshall
Ravello Records

Through the Mist

trio for flute, violin, harp


Originally written in 1993 for fellow musicians where I worked, I took inspiration from the New Hampshire lake where my family had built a rustic cabin years ago. It’s a magical place and the resulting music is all about mood. The morning stillness with evaporating mist is the most serene time (Ashuelot Dawn); most days the waves blow across a mile of water and knock upon a rocky shore (Rocky Shore); the evening’s sunset colors spread expansively across the far hills (Nocturne). Through the Mist was originally a trio with guitar. I made the arrangement with harp for the Lexington Symphony Chamber Players. There is also a version for orchestra.


I made the photographs at Ashuelot Pond in New Hampshire. At sunrise, the gentle mist on the still pond is very different from midday when the wind comes from the west and sends good waves and windsurfing to our shore. The two photos, "Ashuelot Dawn" and "The Old Stump" (at the top of the page) have been my best sellers when we've done exhibitions. I also make photo art. This image came from another photograph at the pond, also looking northeast toward the old stump.


Sheet Music - Through the Mist for flute, violin, harp