Chamber music for winds and strings by Pamela J. Marshall
Ravello Records

Engineering and Production

Through the Mist recorded June 13, 2012 at First Parish Unitarian in Lexington MA
Session Producer & Engineer: Pamela Marshall

Communing with Birds recorded July 2007 at MCC Concert Hall, Middlesex Community College in Bedford MA
Session Producer & Engineer: Pamela Marshall

Zoa recorded April 7, 2014 at WGBH Fraser Studio in Allston MA
Session Producer: Pamela Marshall; Session Engineer: Frank Cunningham

Dance of the Hoodoos recorded February 10, 2014 at First Parish Unitarian in Lexington MA
Session Producer & Engineer: Pamela Marshall

Examinate Variations recorded January 18, 2013 at Spindrift Basement Studio in Lexington MA
Session Producer & Engineer: Pamela Marshall

Waves and Fountains recorded June 17, 2013 at Futura Productions in Jamaica Plain MA
Session Producer: Andy Happel; Session Engineer: John Weston


Executive Producer: Bob Lord
Audio Director: Jeff LeRoy
Art & Production Director: Brett Picknell
Graphic Designers: Renee Greenspan, Ryan Harrison
A&R: Chris Robinson, Matt Sowersby, Jon Upchurch
Marketing Manager: Ethan Fortin

Ravello Records is a PARMA Recordings company,
223 Lafayette Road
North Hampton NH 03862

Spindrift Commissioning Guild

Thank you for supporting my new music.

2015 Through the Mist on Ravello

Grant and Betsy Anderson
Carolyn Bruse
Nancy Burdine
Canary Burton
Susan Caplan
John Clark
Cynthia Clay
Carson Cooman
Liane Curtis
Barbara Jones
Veronica Kenney
Chris Kollgaard
Erik Lindgren
Toni Lipton Temple
Marilyn & Don Malpass
Barbara Marden
Ed Marshall
Charles I. McCauley
Bill Ossmann
Haris Papamichael
Carmen R Peralta
Nancy Robbins
Karen Sauer
Lucy Shevenell
Bill Smith
David Snow
Ellen Sturtevant
Michael Tsuk
Marsha Turin
Dean & Benita Wallraff
Sirarpi Heghinian Walzer
Lois Whitney

2012 Duo and Trio
resulting in Examinate Variations

Fern Abrams
Ashley Addington
Rachel Arnold
Carroll Ann Bottino
Frederic Boutaud & Sirarpi Heghinian Walzer
Todd Brunel
Nancy Burdine
Carolyn Bruse
Carson P. Cooman
Diana Golden
Patricia Lake
Elizabeth Landman
Barbara Marden
Evelyn Marshall
Richard Porter
Matt Samolis
John Tarrh
Sarah Tomasek
Charles Turner
Deanna Witkowski
Laura Yardumian
Alan Yost

More Guild Members

Anonymous - 14
Green Mountain Youth Symphony,
Robert Blais, Music Director
Charlie and Dorothea Bowen
Geoff Day
Green Mountain Horn Club,
Alan Parshley, Director
Andrea Harrington, artist
Alfa Joy Radford
Guillermo Ramon

Members of the Indian Hill Clarinet Choir
Charles Learoyd
Joseph Pisano
Jessica Popik
Bernadette Stockwell
Paul Surapine, ensemble director

My thanks to everyone who has supported my projects!