Life is Beautiful

by Pamela J. Marshall

for oboe & reader

Duration less than 3 minutes


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A rhapsodic duet for reader and oboe. The oboe plays flourishes rooted in G minor between the reader’s phrases. Together, music and words reveal the beautiful imagery and drama of poet Elizabeth Kirschner.

Part of the Art-Poem-Music project, a collaboration of:

visual artist Sirarpi Heghinian Walzer
poet Elizabeth Kirschner
composer Pamela J. Marshall

Life Is Beautiful

by Elizabeth Kirschner

There is a tree whose blossoms
are snow flowers, whose branches
touch the floor of heaven while
its dark roots are buried in the dying
paradise we call the world. …

it is the song
that was born with us when we came
into this world to be the bearers of our own
perpetual birthing:

… an ample dosage of the golden residue we leave
everywhere and nowhere at once while
we live out the jigsaw of our lives.


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