Music for Flute in my Spindrift catalog

Music for Flute

by Pamela J. Marshall – that’s me. Several of these pieces are included on my album Through the Mist on Ravello Records.


  • Communing with Birds – inspired by my Costa Rica birding trip
    (recorded on Through the Mist album, performed by Susan Jackson)
  • High Flight – for flute – musical expression of the joys of flying a small airplane in the early days of flight, after the poem by John Gillespie Magee (Poetry-Inspired collection)
  • Whisper Solos – for flute, or clarinet, or saxophone – variations on a 30-second theme that was originally meant to be played in a glass-walled elevator, hence the whisper dynamic

Chamber Music

In progress

  • Elements: Water Always Flows – woodwind quintet – available now; ask me about it.  There will be additional movements – a revision and elaboration of four short pieces from 2003. 

On each catalog page, there’s a downloadable PDF to preview the score, and some have links to audio recordings.

Here’s the main Music List, a categorized index of my compositions


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