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Two Poetry-Inspired Solos for solo bassoon

by Pamela J. Marshall

These two solos play on the humorous and plaintive qualities of the bassoon. They can be performed together or separately. Challenging; to be played freely, in a cadenza style.

On The Cackling Of A Hen
By John Bunyan (1628-1688)

The hen, so soon as she an egg doth lay,
Spreads the fame of her doing what she may.
About the yard she cackling now doth go,
To tell what 'twas she at her nest did do.
Just thus it is with some professing men,
If they do ought that good is, like our hen
They can but cackle on't where e'er they go,
What their right hand doth their left hand
    must know.

Part of the
Poetry-Inspired Solos & Duos project

Read the poem "I Am the Wind" and learn more about Zoë Akins as a screenwriter

Duration ~6 minutes

Unabashed Promotion: Listen to an MP3 audio file, created with virtual orchestra sounds, including East West Quantum Leap and Native Instruments Kontakt 3.

Catalog # 51006, 51006pdf


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