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Soliloquy for unaccompanied cello

by Pamela J. Marshall

An intimate, introspective work with great opportunity for expressive playing by the cellist. Composed in 1986.

The composer writes:

"I conceived of Soliloquy's opening theme one evening toward the end of a stay at the MacDowell Colony. I was there in winter, working on an austere, eerie piece about archeological ruins. The lush, euphonious intervals of Soliloquy's opening were a beautiful contrast to the bleak sounds of the other work. The music passes through many different moods and textures in the short piece. The harmony remains dominated by 6ths and 3rds.

"Sometimes, I think the piece belongs in a suite, in the tradition of Bach. But the piece is more like a fantasia, where the cellist plays fragments from a suite, half remembered."

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Duration 5 minutes

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